About Us

Our mission

Problems We Strive To Solve

01. Social Inequity

It’s no secret minorities only make up a sliver of the current investment markets. We aim to give everyone equal and fair access to learn and take control of their financial futures.

02. Lack Of Resources

Investing education is hard to find whether in schools or online. We commit to fixing this by providing free resources to students and consumers like our simulator.

03. Learning Curve

Many novices face a steep software learning curve when starting to invest. We’ve solved this by creating a simple user interface designed to be intuitive for beginners.

04. Burnout

Investing can be a lonely and trying experience, causing many novices to simply burnout. We address this by creating a social gamified environment for our users. 

About Us

We're More Than A Company

As young investors, we faced tremendous difficulty breaking into the financial trading world and learning how to effectively and safely invest in our long-term futures. We want to directly address this problem by creating a no questions asked, highly accessible, free trading simulator designed specifically for novice investors. We believe our solution has the ability to flatten the extreme learning curve that novice investors face. Thus, not only are we creating a solution for learning, but also one combating the financial inequities experienced in investing today.

About Us

Our Team

We have a team of five UCLA students all with a passion for education, fintech, and investing.

Chip Herndon


Chip studies Neuroscience and Entrepreneurship. He is a visual designer and entrepreneur. Helping multiple startups build their brands, as well as founding his own.

Satva Shah


Satva studies Computer Science and Economics. He has several previous internships in R&D, DevOps, Data Science, and SWE. Highly interested in algorithmic analysis, ML, and fintech.


Austin Leehealey

BAckend Developer

Austin is a Computer Science major, with experience in full-stack web development. He works for Vizio as a data engineer specializing in C#, ASP.Net Core, SQL, React, and VueJs. 


Maxwell Tsao

Frontend DEveloper

Maxwell studies CS and Economics, with an interest in fintech. Previously, he has developed data analysis tools for Stifel and consulted for Alphabet’s Other Bets portfolio.


Jacob Sandler

Fullstack Developer

Jacob studies CS and Engineering. He’s experienced with data processing, autonomous drone landing and analysis. He interns creating an internal API to facilitate cancer research.